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About us
Veil of Visions operates an online store only, this saves us from a lot of costs meaning we can sell our items much cheaper than other shops, whilst keeping our very high quality and standards.
We are mainly two people.
All of the items we sell on our site are designed and HAND MADE by the amazing Ingela Lordsdotter here in Stockholm, Sweden.
Everything from design and construction of items to shipping and customer services are performed by just the two of us. The visionary designs, creation and construction of all our items, website graphics, layout and design are all done by Ingela.
The database, programming, paperwork, accounts, etc., are handled by John.

The designs
All items in the shop are designed and made by the amazing Ingela Lordsdotter here in Stockholm, Sweden. We don't order finished products and resell them at profit like most shops, we create everything we sell.
Everything, yes even the hats, are made from scratch, with fabric we carefully select ourselves.
Every single item are made with the greatest care and skill to bring you something truly special with high quality that will last.

The designer
    Ingela Lordsdotter is from north Sweden and moved to London to work on her dream - her designs.
After 9 years, in 2013, she moved back to her home country.

She has designed and handcrafted since childhood in a number of different techniques and mediums.
She is an educated seamstress, graphic designer, art worker and web designer.
She has designed for music videos, movies, theatre, bands, and much more!

And she is always itching to learn new techniques, handcrafts and mediums in new and different fields!
She designs, sews, draws, air brushes, paints, sculpts, and much, much more.
Ingela's Internet Movie Database (imdb) profile, Model Mayhem, Vampire Freaks.

The photographers
Veil of Visions would like to thank our photographers:
Ethiriel, EyeXposed Photography, The Alternative Image, Sarah Slade, Malin Boren, Terese Brannstrom, Mats Brunstrom, Olle Liman, Mark Mahieu, John Wright, Ingela Lordsdotter, Felicia Davies and Clive .

The models
Veil of Visions would like to thank our models:
December Wiklund, Jenny Forsberg, Nadia Lundmark, Josefin Nilsson, Malin Sjodin, Emma Dark Morte, Nancy , Morticia M Manson, Darren Demondaz, Lady Amaranth, Tim Chandler, Faye Smith, Orka Magick, Felicia Davies, Ingela Lordsdotter, Patricia MacCormack, Bexx, Kelly Xu, Liv-Ingrid Svendsen, Lucy Evans, Rik Scott, ChOken, Tracy, Andrea Lemer, Tania Hebel.

MUAs and Hairdressers
Veil of Visions would also like to thank the following MUAs and Hairdressers:
Veronika Wikstrom, Dani Barker, Chelsea Rose Rixson and Candice Pettifer.

The website and copyright info
The sites layout and graphics was designed and made by Veil of Visions Ltd.
All clothing, embroidery and accessory designs are designed, created and copyrighted by Veil of Visions Ltd.

Please note!
To all manufacturers and wholesalers who wants to offer your services to us:

While we are certain your products are fine as far as generic clothing goes, we at Veil of Visions understand that our clients are a little more discerning, and that they wish to adorn themselves with quality garments and accessories as unique as they are.
Our hand-made items are designed and crafted in-house by our designer, and we therefore have no need of your 'off-the-peg' products.
Thank you.

Contact information
The best way to contact us with any comments or suggestions is by email:

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Sales and orders:
Items, designs:
Website and coding:

Veil of Visions, Jungfrudansen 60, 171 57 Solna, Sweden.
Please note: These premises are not open to the public.
This is not a retail shop, this is our workshop/office.

Phone: +46(0)72 930 2652


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